Work at home, be safe as in the office

The Covid19 epidemy has changed our professional and private lives overnight. We started working more remotely. Most of us have completely moved to remote work, which means that the organizations that previously provided us with access to information only in the office, now must provide it everywhere, including in our homes.

Remote work does not equal to give up a security policy. We are well aware that now information protection against leakage or unauthorized access is becoming even more crucial. That is why we want data security solutions to become more common than ever before.

Concerning the safety of customers and their data, we have established a partnership with SealPath – a provider of a flexible and user-friendly solution for managing information access rights.

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SealPath features and benefits

This solution will certainly work in any organization, providing many benefits to both employees and management.

  • Full control over access to documents, regardless of where they are stored.
  • Remote and real-time blocking or modifying access to a document, including protection against unauthorized printing or copying of content.
  • Option to add dynamic watermark (prevent anonymous taking photos of protected documents).
  • Protection against disclosure to unauthorized persons.
  • Secure document exchange both between employees and with third parties.
  • No installation of additional software on users’ computers (except for the so-called Protectors – 15 licenses).
  • Possibility of granting temporary access, e.g. after completing remote work, you can block access to documents outside the company.
  • Software available in polish language version.
  • Launching the solution in one day, without physical contact with employees.

Cooperation variants

Only until May 31, SealPath offers its crisis packages, the so-called SealPath Starter Pack at special, promotional prices.

  • Package 1 – SealPath SaaS Starter Pack 1, 15 SP Protector licenses and two days of remote support for installation, implementation, commissioning, training for users
  • Pack 2 – SealPath SaaS Starter Pack 2, 15 SP Protector licenses, Server license for one File Server or SharePoint Server and two days of remote support for installation, implementation, commissioning, training for users)

These packages enable effective and secure remote work and sharing of secured documents by up to 200 employees while providing the organization with constant and full control over the documents – regardless of how many copies, where, and by what route they have been forwarded. Thanks to this, you always know who has what rights to a document and in addition, you can always change (grant, withdraw) these access rights.

SealPath is a solution that not only responds to the needs of modern business and new professional reality. This solution sets new safety standards and means that regardless of where you work, it is always maintained at the highest level.

Additional information about SealPath solution and its implementation can be obtained at the following e-mail address:  or by phone: +48 722 22 44 21