Audit and Consulting

Auditing is crucial in ensuring the proper functioning and development of the IT infrastructure. The aim is to provide independent and objective information on the actual state of the IT infrastructure, productivity and safety systems.

Audit is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the environment, to identify the existing and potential hazards and to assess associated risks.

Euvic Solutions has many years of experience in conducting audits in the following areas:

IT infrastructure audit

The result of such an audit is detailed information about the hardware and software in the company; the used systems and applications; as well as the enterprise network topology. Basing on the knowledge and experience of system engineers, our audit indicates weak and strong areas of the IT infrastructure and provides specific recommendations for a change. The collected information is useful in developing strategies of changes aimed at optimizing and standardizing IT systems and services, and when planning purchases of new software and hardware.

IT performance audit

Determines the level of use of IT infrastructure and the limit load level generated in the various elements of hardware infrastructure (servers, arrays, switches) in the company. This service is to monitor the load generated by the system during a normal working day and at the so-called stress tests. During the audit, analysis of the performance of the high-availability solutions is carried out and the level of utilization and optimization capabilities of the current environment and consolidating hardware, operating systems, databases and applications is determined.

Safety audit

Allows you to specify the actual functioning of the security system. It includes all technical and administrative aspects, serving to identify potential dangers faced by a particular system. A detailed analysis of all or selected systems in terms of their vulnerability and risk assessment of the existing gaps are carried out during the security audit, as well as an analysis of configuration mistakes that may have an impact on safety.

Consulting services include supporting our clients in planning and making key decisions on the development and optimization of IT resources.

Individual approach and “out of the box” thinking allow us to create and build technologically advanced, forward-looking, intelligent and rational solutions.