Design and implementation of WLAN, integration with the existing infrastructure.

Customer profile

The Central Computing Centre. The core business of the CCC is to provide services for the state administration that allow efficient implementation of public tasks within the Central Register of Vehicles (CEP) and the Central Register of Drivers (CEK), including the system of the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers (SI CEPiK).

The Central Computing Centre also provides services for the Ministry of Interior Affairs and other public bodies within the construction, development and operation of IT systems.


The tender announced by the Central Computing Centre faced the companies participating in that with a challenge in the form of the need to present the best offers for a wireless system solution and participle in the integration with the existing center resources. The task required to provide the right amount of WLAN access points, along with two wireless controllers and network switches providing power to the connected devices using the Power-over-Ethernet technology. In addition, basing on the developed technical design, the selected contractor was obliged to physically install the equipment according to the specific requirements and provide training for the WLAN running system


Omnitec Sp. z o. o. as the winner of the tender, offered the optimum, high-quality solutions which are access points and WLAN controllers by Ruckus Wireless, along with Brocade network switches. During the implementation of the contract, cable works were executed, associated with the construction of the appropriate category infrastructure and assembly works of access points in the existing office setting, with appropriate working conditions of the devices and aesthetics. The solution has been launched in a timely manner, and the Center’s staff have been trained for proper operation of the solutions and the use of best practices related to the operation of such systems. In addition, basing on a common understanding and specificity of the Customer, such elements of configuration have been developed which raised the functionality and security of the network.

Omnitec was also selected as the winner of the tender for a further expansion of the above-mentioned network, in another building occupied by the CCC. Apart from the scope of implementation, as similar to that above, integration was executed with the existing WLAN network controllers and wireless networking points were delivered in accordance with the latest 802.11ac standard.


Choosing the offer of Omnitec, the Central Computing Centre got the support of an experienced partner delivering the highest quality wireless solutions. The WLAN devices provided are characterized by high resistance to possible problems in wireless communications and provide the highest possible performance in this difficult and challenging environment. The flexible approach of Omnitec allowed for easy customizing the details of implementation to the expectations of the Customer. As a result, the CCC has a wireless network with a very high degree of efficiency and reliability.