BPCC and Euvic Solutions – GIODO conference

On Tuesday, 24th May 2016; a training BPCC and Euvic Solutions seminar
,,Changes to Personal Data Protection Law- EU Regulations from the Point of View of a Practitioner’’

Poland is on the eve of the unification and the regulation of personal data protection law in all member states of the EU by the means of introducing the European Union regulations and directives. Upcoming changes will have a huge impact on the realization of business processes in all business areas, both in relations between B2B and B2C.

The presentation by Anna Borowy BUCZYŃSKA allowed to look at the upcoming changes from three important perspectives: the requirement of the law, implementation of regulations in the current operational activities in the organization, social responsibility of business – to build relationships with customers and partners on the basis of building a code of good practice in this area.

The meeting was attended by nearly 50 representatives of Lower Silesian companies.