BNP Paribas

Design and implementation of WAN network elements for BNP Paribas Bank of Poland

“Services delivered by Euvic Solutions are characterized by an extremely high level of quality, reflected in the form of one of the highest SLA parameters in the market.”

Rafał Krawczyński, head of the IT department of BNP Paribas Bank of Poland

Customer profile

BNP Paribas has been present in Poland since nearly a century. BNP Paribas SA Branch in Poland cooperates with international corporations and major companies and institutions in Poland in the field of investment banking. The branch is part of a business line of Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB), which provides financing solutions, risk management and advisory services. In Europe, it is a leader in corporate finance and in the area of Cash Management.

Other services are provided by the specialized subsidiaries of the BNP Paribas Group, such as: custodial services, insurance, leasing and fleet management.


For multi-branch institutions, such as banks, efficient communication between institutions is nowadays of great importance. Transactions or agreements outside headquarters must get to the main center as soon as possible, where data processing center is most commonly located. The size and number of files to be transferred become larger and larger. This infrastructure has to meet the needs of connecting branches, the more that they are increasingly drifting, often going beyond the boundaries of one city. There is a need to create a WAN.

This was the challenge that the IT department of BNP Paribas faced, because it was necessary to connect the Head Office of the Bank, located in Służew Warsaw Business Area with the branch located in Piaseczno. An additional requirement was the bandwidth, which, according to the requirements, would be 10 Gbps.


Among the submitted bids, the one submitted by Euvic Solutions S.A. proved to be the most advantageous. It was not only distinguished with its attractive price, but also very short-term performance and comprehensive approach – Euvic Solutions, as the only company, has taken into account the cost of optical modules and patch cords.


Executing all of the provisions contained in the contract, Euvic Solutions S.A. designed and manufactured fiber optic connections with a capacity of 10 Gbps between the above-mentioned branches of the Bank. The service has been active from May 2014. In addition, another contract was signed on the canvas of the exemplary cooperation, for the delivery of Internet connection for the Head Office of BNP Paribas Bank of Poland.